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Welcome to Krystle Designs for the ZX Spectrum Next!

A native suite of design editors to create sprites and tiles, tilemaps, fonts and palettes for your software creation.

Within a single project, you can create a bank of sprites, up to four banks of tiles, up to four tilemaps (used in isolation or to create a composite tilemap), a custom font and finally up to ten palettes within a single bank.

Unique features include:

- global fill within the Sprite Editor for rapid colour changes.
- create a composite tilemap in a full screen mode.
- switch seamlessly between editors - see your sprite/tile updates instantly on your tilemaps! See font changes instantly! See palette changes instantly!
- inverse your font! Create cool font effects with the OVER 1 command. (Check out the Inverse Font Demo in the Examples folder.)
- Create up to ten palettes to be used for any layer or sprite layer. (Check out the Dungeon Palette Demo in the Examples folder.)

I consider this version (V1.00) 16 Mar 2022 to be the completed version of Krystle Designs. Extensive testing has been completed, however - as with all things - some bugs may have slipped through the cracks. Please report any issues to me and I'll endeavour to eliminate any bugs found and update the files held here.

Whilst Krystle Designs is free and free for use in any way you like - please consider funding my coffee habit to spur me on to complete other future projects! Either through this site or by using the QR code found in the software itself.

I would be most grateful if you could credit Krystle Designs if used in your own creations and would be extra grateful if any finished works could be sent on to me - I love seeing other peoples' projects!

Finally - I hope you find Krystle Designs incredibly useful and aids you in your future design endeavours!


Minimum Requirements: 

ZX Spectrum Next/N-Go/Emulator with at least 1Mb. 
NextZXOS 2.06N (although almost certain to work fine on 2.06H). Does not appear to work on 2.07H, but does on subsequent releases.
Firmware 1.3 Core 3.01.08
***Mouse required throughout. ***


Krystle Designs Manual

Krystle Designs rar file. Extract on to your SD Card.

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